HOW: Marriage Seminar Marketing

HOW: Marriage Seminar, September 24-25, 2010

HOW, things are moving along extremely well.’s next marketing project is HOW: How to make your good thing better. Held at the Christ Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, we will create print, email and web graphics. Our registration process is simple. We will use our web-based phone service to collect email registrations (audio files) and couples can register via email.

That way they won’t have to log on to a website to register. Normally, we would deploy a website, however, since there isn’t much copy for the website nor time to produce one, we will have to simplify our online presence with blog posts, tags on posts like this one and that’s about it. Seating at the event is limited to a minimum of 10 couples to no more than 15. So, again, we’re keeping it simple.

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