Creative Entrepreneur John Girton helps Indiana Legends See New Life on Martin Luther King Jr. Corridor

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Indiana Legends See New Life on Martin Luther King Jr. Corridor Through Vision of Local Creative Designer

Indianapolis, IN – (May 6, 2011) — Creative entrepreneur John E. Girton, Jr. has been retained to introduce five prominent local African Americans as “legends” to the Indianapolis community as urban landscape art that will be prominently displayed on city bus shelters as a part of the “Living the Legacy” revitalization effort of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Corridor. The City of Indianapolis will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony to reopen the Martin Luther King, Jr. Corridor on May 11, 2011, 10 a.m. to Noon, on West 27th Street at Martin Luther King, Jr. Street where Girton’s artistic contributions to the corridor project will also be available for view.

Girton was chosen by the City of Indianapolis to transform five city bus shelters with large-form artwork that will be easily visible to pedestrians and motorists as they pass through the MLK, Jr. Corridor which stretches from 30th Street on the north to Fall Creek Parkway on the south along MLK, Jr. Street.

“I feel fortunate and humbled to be given this type of opportunity here at home to make a positive impact with my work as a designer,” said Girton. “This is a ‘Wow!’ moment where I get to design some powerful images that will make an impact and it’s an opportunity that isn’t offered to African-American designers often.”

The city bus shelters will feature the images of these African Americans who are legendary for the positive contributions that they have made to society through their careers:
• Barbara Boyd, broadcaster (retired, WRTV-Channel 6)
• Marshall “Major” Taylor, champion bicyclist at the turn of the 19th century
• Ray Crowe, champion high school basketball coach and athletic director at Crispus Attucks High School
• William Ryder, artist
• Charlie Wiggins, champion auto racer, Gold and Glory Sweepstakes races
Boyd, Taylor, Crowe, Ryder and Wiggins are the first five prominent Indianapolis residents featured in the “Living the Legacy” series.

Girton hopes that through this work that the people of Indianapolis will get the opportunity to pay homage to and extend the legacy of those who grew up in this area of the city. “This is a launching pad that will promote individuals who have made an impact on the city, state and nation to those who don’t get to hear of their accomplishments every day,” said Girton.

Girton has roots in the community surrounding the MLK, Jr. Corridor. Growing up in Loving Missionary Baptist Church, which was pastored for twenty-six years by his father at Franklin and Roache Streets, he is particularly interested in making sure that the people of the community will have an opportunity to see themselves in the art. He wants the art to help them envision who they can be and help them to make positive decisions about what they can achieve with their lives.

For youth in particular, Girton stresses that the “Living the Legacy” project will deliver the consistent message that they have viable options of what they can do and can become. It is an optimistic message of opportunity to youth that is contrary to the negative images of malt liquor ads, sexually suggestive artwork and entertainment-focused art that typically appear in the inner city. “These legends signs are living proof that they can be successful at things other than playing ball or entertainment,” said Girton.

“It is impossible to hit a target you can’t see but with these types of images our children will see career options in their neighborhood that they can be and work towards.”

Girton’s participation as creative designer of the “Living the Legacy” signs on the MLK, Jr. Corridor project signals the relaunch of his company as an Indianapolis-based firm. Mass Media Group, Incorporated currently serves such clients as The Indianapolis Association of Black Journalists, Light of the World Christian Church, The African Methodist Episcopal Church, the National Council on Educating Black Children, the Congress on Christian Education of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc., Tennessee State University, and the Indiana Healthy Marriage and Family Coalition.

Mass Media Group, Incorporated,, offers commercial video production, brand development, digital printing, website development, social media management, and other communications services. Girton serves as president and CEO. For more information contact John E. Girton, Jr. at or (317) 565-7774.