IABJ Website Project

Happy New Year!!!!

I wanted to share the awesome opportunity afforded to me by the Indianapolis Association of Black Journalists. In an effort to start 2011 off on a great foot, my organization was part of the team that designed their new website. I encourage you to visit http://www.iabj.org and let me know what you think. The new site is a long way from where they were and the positive comments just keep coming in. If your chapter wants to take your online presence up a notch, we’d be glad to help you take your website and online media up a notch.

Here are some of the comments:

“Finally, reflecting on our long-standing commitment to learning and continuous improvement…”

“Ohhh. and the website IS a beast!! Kudos!!!! Wow!”

” I absolutely love the new website. It’s elegant, polished, and user friendly. You all have done an excellent job.”

“what a way to start off the new year — the site looks great. The content, the pictures, the layout… I can tell a lot of hour went into this — so PROUD!”